Part 1 - SAYA


SAYA is a Tel Aviv based architecture and design firm focused on Resolution Planning - the use of architectural and urban design tools in conflict resolution. Since its founding in 2006, SAYA has developed numerous master plans, urban design scenarios, and policy proposals aimed at solving the many facets of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In designing proposals for a two state solution, SAYA has developed plans for the functional and secure division of Jerusalem, a flexible and economically viable border regime, Palestinian re-use of evacuated West Bank settlements, and many other critical issues. SAYA's work has been used in upper-level international diplomacy and by NGOs and academic bodies around the world. SAYA's core vision, "Design for Change," is centered on finding new solutions to old problems.

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Part 2 - Palestine Works

Palestine Works is an NGO founded by diaspora Palestinians to promote Palestinian economic development and human rights. The organization hopes to create "knowledge transfer opportunities," bringing internationals to work in Palestine and Palestinians to work abroad. 

The Palestine Works Law Fellowship brings top international law students to intern with human rights organizations in Palestine and Israel. As the Palestinian human rights situation continues to deteriorate, law fellows can play a critical role as advocates for Palestinian rights and for a just resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In the future, Palestine Works aims to expand beyond law, harnessing the power of young professionals from across the world hoping to contribute to Palestinian society. 

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Part 3 - Kilma

Hanin Majadli, a student in Middle East history at Tel Aviv University, created Kilma to bring Arabic culture and language to the Israeli Jewish public. Hanin uses her Facebook page to post Arabic words, as well as songs and film clips. Her page has over 13,000 followers and has garnered significant media attention. Following her success on social media, Hanin began teaching Arabic classes in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Rather than simply teaching language, Hanin often delves into highly controversial historical and political subjects. Her discussion of the Nakba (the Arabic word for the expulsion and forced dislocation of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in 1948) proved particularly controversial among her primarily Israeli Jewish audience. Though she faces some backlash and negative responses, Hanin has also received continued support from followers grateful at the opportunity to learn about Palestinian history, language and culture. 

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Part 4 - Project Harmony

Project Harmony is an immersive English language learning summer camp for Jewish and Arab kids in the Jerusalem area. In a country where Hebrew and Israeli-Jewish culture are dominant, Project Harmony seeks to use English and an anglophone staff to create a more level playing field. Campers participate in a wide array of programming and are offered significant choice in determining their activities. Having grown rapidly since its founding several years ago, Project Harmony will welcome nearly 150 campers and 30 counselors this summer. Eventually, its founders hope to replicate Project Harmony outside of Jerusalem, in the hopes of creating a network of camps serving Israeli Jews and Arabs throughout the country. 

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Part 5 - Combatants for Peace

Combatants for Peace is an organization composed of former Israeli soldiers and Palestinian militants committed to ending the occupation and bringing about a just resolution to the conflict. Committed to non-violence, Palestinian and Israeli members work to raise awareness among the general public and international visitors about the occupation and the wider political situation. CFP's house meetings, tours of the West Bank, educational lecture series, and joint-memorial day service have educated thousands of people about the brutality of the status quo. The group also organizes direct actions against settler violence, home demolitions and land confiscation in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Ultimately, CFP seeks to unite the broader international, Israeli, and Palestinian community around ending the occupation and the establishment of a two-state solution.

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Part 6 - Blue White Future

Blue White Future is a non-partisan political advocacy organization seeking to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the basis of "two states for two peoples." In light of the stalled and continuously ineffective negotiation process between the two sides, BWF advocates "constructive unilateralism": independent steps Israel can take to bring about the two state reality. Chief among its plans is a proposal for "voluntary evacuation," a financial package that would allow Israeli settlers living east of the Separation Wall to move back into Israel proper.  BWF also conducts continuous dialogue with settlers and their representatives, discussions which have helped lead to BWF's conclusion that a huge number of settlers would move west of the Green Line if provided adequate financial compensation for relocation. Ultimately, BWF believes that independent Israeli actions will allow Israel to secure its borders, combat increasing international isolation and build the trust necessary to reach a final status agreement.

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