Each of us approaches the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a different personal and political background. We have different readings of Israeli-Palestinian history and different opinions on effective political tactics in the present day. Nonetheless, we are all committed to a just and durable peace, in which civil rights and self-determination are guaranteed for Israelis and Palestinians. Though our reasons and political viewpoints vary, we are unified by the idea that civil society movements and organizations have a crucial role to play in ending the occupation and beginning the reconciliation process.

Daniel Levine-Spound graduated from Brown University in 2012 with honors in Comparative Literature. Upon graduating, he worked at C Global Consulting, designing a course in conflict resolution before moving to Paris on a Fulbright scholarship. Currently, he works as a paralegal in the Paris office of a major international law firm. His interests include continental philosophy, human rights, and rugby. 

Gabe Neustadt graduated from Harvard University magna cum laude in English. He resides in Los Angeles, where he writes plays and produces a variety of short films and documentaries. His work has been staged and read at theaters around the country including The Blank Theatre, American Repertory Theatre, Actors' Theatre of Santa Cruz, and the Florida Studio Theatre.

Adam Sheinman graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in Psychology. He has worked on a 20th Century film as a camera production assistant and also as a casting assistant on a Primetime Nickelodeon show. He performs stand-up comedy throughout NYC and is an aspiring middleweight champion of Brooklyn.

Daniel Solomon is a junior at Harvard College. An aspiring journalist, he is the columns editor of the campus newspaper, The Crimson, and has published articles in outlets such as the New York Post, the New York Daily News, and the Times of Israel. In his academic work, Solomon focuses on French Jews in the post-war era. 

Al Patterson graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a BS/MSE in Mechanical Engineering and a specialization in robotics and control systems. Hailing from Miami, Florida, his recreations include playing various styles of violin, sailing, biking, and reading. His professional interests include robotics, aerospace, and product development.